Mountain States Contracting, Inc. was founded in 1983, providing Railroad;

Design, Construction, Maintenance & Repair Services throughout the Western

United States. Our services include the following.



Mountain States' design-build services help set us apart from our competition.

With our professional engineering staff, and our strong relationships with

the major railroad's Industrial Development, Engineering, and Operations

departments, the Mountain States design-build team can be your liaison with the


To assist our customers as they begin their track construction project, the

Mountain States design-build team, typically at no-cost, will:

• Perform an on-site meeting

• Provide a professional engineered rail layout in CAD

• Provide a construction estimate

• Begin discussions with the railroad

By providing this assistance, we help you determine whether or not your rail

needs can be met within the limitations of the proposed site, if they exist.

When you, our customer, are ready to continue your construction project, we

will smoothly and simultaneously begin the railroad construction process. This


• Development of railroad construction drawings

• Prepare required railroad exhibits

• Railroad construction material procurement

As the railroad plan approval process continues, our design-build team will

seamlessly transfer your construction project over to our railroad construction

services group and begin the track construction of your project based on your

construction schedule and the schedule of the sub-grade construction.

If you have a project you would like to meet with us on, please e-mail Vern

Van de Loo or call us at (800) 827-0743, and we will be glad to assist you. If

you email us, please provide a description of your project needs and your site

location to help us better assist you. Thank you.



Mountain States has several construction teams able to efficiently build your

track needs. We value all our customers equally, from a simple broken joint

bar replacement, to a complex rail yard containing miles of track construction.

Each team is equipped with the proper equipment to perform the work needed to

complete your construction needs. Our construction services include:

• Industrial Track Construction

• Track Maintenance

• Rail Spurs

• Lead / Drill Tracks

• Unit Train Facilities

• Intermodal Yards

• Emergency Services

• Switch Repairs

• Defective Rail Replacement

• Tie Replacement and Surfacing

• Grade Crossing Maintenance



Mountain States maintains several rail line operations. Our rail line service teams

provide many of the same maintenance services our construction service teams

provide, and their services also include:

• Hy-rail Track Inspections

• Production Tie Gang

• Production Rail Gangs

• Production Track Surfacing Crews

• Undercutting

• Maintenance-of-Way Vegetation Control



Mountain States offers Track Inspection by certified FRA Track Inspectors for

Industry Tracks and Rail Lines.



Mountain States owns a full fleet of trucks and equipment (over 60 vehicles and

250 pieces of equipment) to serve all of our clients, including:

• Fully equipped Trucks

• Fully equipped 30T Service Trucks with each Crew

• Heavy haul tractor-trailers

• Specially equipped Low-boy trailers for hauling rail equipment

• Side-dump trailers

• Hy-rail Dump Trucks

• Equipment trailers

• Front-end Loaders

• Skid Steer Loaders

• Back-hoes

• Hy-rail Pettibones

• Track-mobiles

• Production Tampers

• Production Tie Equipment

• Production Rail Equipment

• Ballast Regulators

• Under-cutters

• Cranes

• Production Spikers

• Profile Grinders

• Rail Heaters

• Ballast Cars

Mountain States’ has a state of the art 10,000 SF Maintenance/Machine shop to

assure that all of our equipment meets the customers’ needs.