Vern Van de Loo, President of Mountain States Contracting, started his career working for a railroad contractor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Vern was introduced to the industry by delivering rail in a “center-cab” steel truck, but advanced as an Equipment Operator to eventually become a Track Foreman. By 1986, Vern was the VP of Operations, managing several track crews. Blake Van de Loo decided to join him. In 1988, the two brothers worked together as Track Foremen.

In the late 80’s, Vern and Blake were working throughout the country rebuilding railroad tracks on military bases. They hired a small contracting company out of Phoenix, Arizona to help with a project at Ft. Wingate, NM. This was when Vern and Blake were introduced to Mountain States Contracting, Inc. When the project was completed, the owner of Mountain States Contracting offered the company to Vern and Blake’s contractor. He decided to buy Mountain States, and charged Vern and Blake with its upkeep.

Vern & Blake relocated to Arizona to manage and expand Mountain States Contracting. At that time, its assets consisted of: two pick-up trucks, a 1971 CAT Loader, an air compressor, and a quarter-acre yard where all the equipment was stored. Vern conducted all the sales and engineering from his house (the company’s office). Blake ran the track crew and all its operations out in the field. They would truck all equipment and materials at night, and repair the equipment during the weekends.

In 1989, Mountain States received a large contract to rebuild the track system at Ft. Carson, CO. This job gave the two brothers the opportunity to hire more track crews, along with the capability to expand their fleet of equipment. This momentum slowly gained more speed, and soon the company had multiple crews and equipment to accommodate them.

In 1991, they purchased their first Shop/Office/Yard in Glendale, AZ. A few years later, they purchased a small office building and additional yard space next door.

By 1994, Mountain States Contracting hired Terry Vanderplas as a Track Maintenance/Rehab Specialist. Terry soon became a Vice President and the third owner of the company.

Mountain States Contracting’s territory expanded to include: Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, California, Wyoming, and Idaho. During the 2000’s, Mountain States the company hired Al Spurlin to manage their regional office in Ogden, Utah.

Mountain States Contracting’s current facility was bought and remodeled in 2011. It was equipped with a state-of-the-art maintenance shop and an accompanying office.

Now, the company has over 100 employees, along with a fleet of over 300 pieces of Equipment and Trucks. Many employees have been with the company for over twenty years.

Mountain States Contracting has developed from two brothers with a vision, to a company expanding across the country. The owners and the employees have kept this company steadily expanding, while also increasing its presence within the industry. As our motto says, our tracks, along with our company, have truly been “Designed. Built. [and] Maintained.

Welcome to Mountain States Contracting.